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Attention: Be it known that the domain name used on this website has been purchased and legally registered on the internet through a legitimate domain name registrar, and meets all ICANN/WIPO-observed Fair Use requirements, including the following main areas:

1) This domain name was legally purchased by a licensed and approved domain name registrar; it is being used on a standard internet website and contains relevant content.

2) This domain name is not advertised on the net as being available for sale; likewise there has been no mail, electronic or otherwise, sent to any person(s) and/or business advertising it as being for sale.

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4) This domain name site does not seek to become seen by internet visitors (aka "web surfers") as being "confusingly similar" to any Copyrighted or Trademarked material owned by any person(s) and/or business; to prevent this, relevant links are provided when needed to any such famous person(s) and/or business.

5) This domain name site does not place, public image-wise, any famous person(s) and/or business in a negative light, nor does it provide links to competitors of the subject, being that this site has been conceived and is run as a positive tribute fan-site only.

Related Notes

Links And Copyrighted Material: Any links to websites on these pages, including those which may sell related products that are copyrighted are posted only in the interests of further informative instruction about the subject, and no copyrighted photos, artwork or other graphics and/or text belonging to others which may appear on this site are claimed to be the property of this site's owner. Furthermore, no transfer of any copyright to said site owner is implied in any way. Therefore, copyrights to all images and text are acknowledged to remain that of the original copyright holder(s), and are displayed in tribute fashion for strictly non-commercial instructional use.

Non-Endorsement: Nowhere on this site is it claimed that any image, text content, layout or other presentation or display was created either with the endorsement of, or in conjunction with, any person(s) and/or business that may also share its name. Additionally, if you are a current copyright owner of any material including images or text interviews, etc. used on this site, either as licensee or as an executor of an estate, etc., and for any reason do not wish said material to be displayed here, email this site stating that fact and it will be immediately removed.

Email Correspondence: In accordance with the above facts, which state that the owner of this domain name and its corresponding website does not represent and/or act as an agent, liaison or general contact for the famous person(s) and/or business which may be referred to on the site, it is therefore strongly requested that internet viewers please do not send emails to this site's owner in an attempt to contact said person(s) and/or business.

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